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Tractor Driving Refresher Training Courses

The tractor is an essential piece of machinery for so many businesses and operating it safely and efficiently is absolutely vital. If you are an experienced tractor driver this could be your preferred course. Refresh your skills with our comprehensive tractor driving course.

This is a one-day integrated training and assessment course. You will look at the key skills from our more intensive tractor driving course and you’ll receive a certificate of training once it is complete.

Learning Outcomes

  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Mount and dismount safely
  • Understand the purpose and meaning of the instrumentation
  • Understand the function of all controls
  • Understand the hazards associated with using controls
  • Understand the reasons for daily checks
  • Start and stop the engine in a safe manner
  • Be competent in driving a tractor in a forward and reverse direction
  • Leave the tractor in a safe state
  • Understand reasons for daily checks
  • Competently perform checking of the lubrication, cooling and air intake of the engine, perform basic lubrication of the tractor and ensure the tractor is in a safe road going state
  • Attach a mounted implement and manoeuvre in a forward and reverse direction with a mounted implement
  • Attach a trailed implement and manoeuvre in a forward and reverse direction with a trailed implement
  • Leave unattached implements in a safe state
  • Correctly attach a PTO shaft between tractor and implement
  • Attach the PTO shaft guards correctly
  • Assess the minimum turning circle of the machine and the angle of the PTO shaft
  • Carry out basic operations using tractor mounted loader.

Tractor Driver Refresher Training Courses

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