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Shrewsbury Livestock Market Report 31/01/2023

Shrewsbury Auction Centre – Livestock Market Results

Dairy Cows & Heifers

QUALITY WILL ALWAYS SELL, it is as simple as that, in the face of a week of negative farmgate milk prices the Shrewsbury quality still appealed with new buyers at ringside making their presence felt on a day when the vendors put on a show of cow making heifers most just 24-26mo, full of youthful promise and powerful cows full of milk!

We were favoured by vendors from Denbigh, Northwich, Lutterworth Stoke On Trent, Chester, Leicester
as well as local Shropshire farms this morning, thank you all for making the journey.

The trade was led today by the team from Hilltop Farming Co and Budworth Holsteins, they brought a
team fit for a show day to peak at £2980 for the 2nd calved 45kg (5.01%bf) BUDWORTH LUIS JANE 2. They also topped the heifers today with BUDWORTH SASSAFRAS FOBES who at just 24mo looked just the sort to mature into a great cow giving 28kg, a power milk heifer from the same home giving 35kg achieved £2400, well done to Ivan, Richard and Family.

As the BUDWORTH herd took the top slots the WOLSTON Herd were nipping at their heals with 2 superb 2nd lactation cows WOLSTON RUBICON FOLLY and WOLSTON ACHIEVE HIRONDELLE 30 giving 46kg & 43kg respectfully both sold for £2400, the heifer from Model Farm was also next in the prices WOLSTON ACHIEVE TRIXY 28 again at 24mo sold for £2580!

Only 1 cow under £1900 today of the 8 on offer superior conformation got those detailed above to the
top trade, high milk yields fuelled the trade on the rest.

Trevor Warren’s HENNIKERS WHIRL WIND TREFOIL was straight out of a EX93 dam and by the homebred bull Hennikers Whirl wind, expertly presented medium sized deep ribbed and full of milk she sold for £2500. A really exceptional team of 4 youthful sweet balanced heifers from M J E Hughes this week topped at £2400 for KNAPTOFT SIDEKICK AFIE, giving 30kg out of a 17000kg dam, she had so much potential.

The star of the show without a doubt was a gorgeous Pedigree Jersey heifer and her pedigree Heifer calf
from Jude and Bernie Cambidge, WOODLANDS B HILARIO EXCITATION, calved on 16the January and was giving 25kg, fierce bidding from all over the ringside and online saw her sell for £1800, however this price was eclipsed by her heifer calf JUDES KALAHARI EXCITATION, which sold in absence achieved a remarkable £400. The power of Facebook, never ceases to amaze!

In calf heifers topped at £1800 for STYCHE MAINTIME STELLA 3 presented by A J Scott, Heifers due in July from Barry Evans topped at £1200 for GWYNNOG DALLIANCE MOLLI. A run of 29 x bred heifers ready to calf at the start of the block made a trade from £500-£700, they weren’t very big but they were correct with profit just around the corner I had hope they would be worth more.

Thank you to all the vendors and buyers, we look forward to receiving your entries by 12noon on Friday
for cataloguing!

Barren Cows

We could do with 50+ such is the demand as the peak reached 211ppk for a Fleckvieh slip heifer from SH Hillage of Marshbrook returning £1240. A lump of a Hereford from JB Harper Morrellswood topped the market at £1354.50 or 175ppk.

The start of the sale set the told for the aver of 151ppk, when a foreign
dairy cow made 156pk £1218 for Bowdler farms, another foreign dairy cow from SH Hillage £1098.90 or

The weight is the difference at Shrewsbury, the gross values are as good if not better than outlets where
the cows “weigh well”…. In Shrewsbury they weigh what they weight, warts and all no funny business.
Come and support us and find out for yourself!!


Slightly more calves on offer this week, a few more men around the ring also, resulting in much more life in the trade! Blue bulls were hotly contested all day looking circa £30/head dearer, with £320 being achieved twice, by both Robert and then Richard Bowdler. Several other nice bulls sold at £318, £308 and £305, all from the Bowdler boys. More bulls up towards £300 with RPO & NH Birchall selling to
£295. Angus bulls from LE Weston s old well to £220 with others from R & RA Jones to £195 with Hereford bulls from Roger Ainsworth to £120. A cracking Simmental from J Wainwright sold to £277, with the best of the Friesians also looking sharper at £124.

Heifers sold to £295 for a lovely Charolais from Ty Llwyd Farm, with smart Blues from J Wainwright to
£250. A good run of Blues from P & G Jones, Bank Farm sold to £242 with Richard Bowdler selling his to £218. Smart Lim heifers to £195 with a lovely angus from CT Pain to £195.

Definitely more life in the trade today, hopefully a sign of things to come with spring around the corner,
and a rising beef trade, has there been a better time to buy calves. Come along next Tuesday. If you have
calves to sell, come along next week.

For any further assistance please give Nick a call.

*8 Week NON-Slaughter Declarations***
In the interest of protecting your milk contract, Vendors are responsible for declaring their calves
individually as not for slaughter, every week the auctioneer will declare at the point of sale and on
invoice to our trusted buyers. Halls Holdings Ltd cannot be held responsible for the calf once it
leaves the market where the onus transfers to the purchaser.

Prime Hoggs

A similar entry in terms of numbers with 650 forward and some good quality sorts on offer, but what a difference a week makes in terms of the trade with last week at 240ppk and this week at 221ppk, that’s £8/10 a head back in a week.

We are hearing snippets about a very large boat coming from New Zealand rammed full of Lamb and that coupled with the Post-Christmas belt tightening, all means that less lamb and that is being used from the home market. There were still some highlights with a top price per kilo of 263p and a top
price per head of £127.

Lights were back a fair bit and sold to average 189kgs and £54.58 a head and sold up to 213ppk and £65
per head from Messrs JD & WD Clarkson, Brown Heath Farm.

Standards sold to a very respectable 228.26ppk and £84 per head and sold up to 263ppk and £100 for
38.5kgs from F & SM Schofield, Ash Farm.

Mediums sold to average 224ppk and £95.56 a head and sold up to 238ppk and £102.50 a head from Mr
James Latter, Foxes Lane Farm.

Heavies sold to average 213.59ppk and £104.66 a head and sold up to 222ppk from Messrs RJ & CM
Randles, Oakfields and £113 a head from Mr James Latter.

Over weights sold to average 212ppk and £115.46 a head and sold up to 216ppk from DA & TJ Pryce, Mawr Farm and £127 a head from RV Hartshorn of Roden.

Lets hope things pick up for next week.

Cull Ewes & Rams

An increased entry of over 550 cull ewes and rams this week. A mix of quality present on the day which led the average to be just shy of £82. The best ewes still selling well topping the day were a pair of texels from Claybury Texels. At @£171 plenty of meated Suffolk and texel cross ewes £130 +. Mules topped at £124. With plenty of very lean ewes forward making up a 5th of the entry ranged from £20 to £30.

People were definitely having a clear out. Selling those leaner ewes which look best of
sold whilst the trade is still there. Please keep the ewes coming.


A SUPERB ENTRY, Thank you to all the vendors for your prompt attendance enabling a prompt start. An increased proportion of Sucklerbreds in today’s offering and buyers keen to purchase ahead of the
summer grass.

Top bulls to £920 for an Aberdeen Angus at 9mo from TW Goldstaw the same money for Limousins from MR Jones who came down from Llanerfyl, a belting Charolais from E Davies, Criggion £900. Dairy bred Simmental bulls from Beddoes and Sons a rapid trade as bunches at 5-6mo sold for £630 and £605, 4mo British Blues from GP & JH Mountford £550!

Only 40 steers on offer and more could of easily of been sold as buyers were looking for those summer
graziers, 5-6mo dairy bred blues from PL Francis achieved £600 but of course the top prices were for the
pocket rocket sucklerbreds as Limousins achieved £885 for Aw Jones of Carno, the team of EB Jones
Trefeglwys are to be commended for their cattle 7-9mo just proper sorts of high country to get on and
do the job they sold at £880 for Charolais, £805 for Herefords and £800 for Angus. Outstanding
Charolaid from WM Astley would be a pleasure to farm and buyer fought for them, 9mo steers £875 7mo
Steers £855.

Top prices in the heifers today echoing the names in the steers EB Jones’ 9mo Charolais £855, E Davies
Blondes £795, WM Astleys Limousins £770 all just 9mo. A premium team of 3 7o limousins from Messrs
Davies of Monksfield made £730. Dairy Bred blue heifers 12mo hit £710 for RH SH JRF Gwyther, younger dairy bred stirks from PL Francis sold to £620 for heifers at 6mo, Simmentals from RST Morgan £540 and Angus from the same home to £480.

A very strong trade throughout with vendors happy while there was just a pen of two that the buyers
will I think be very pleased with when they get them home!!

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