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Shrewsbury Livestock Market Report 26/01/2023

Shrewsbury Auction Centre – Livestock Market Results

The job is tremendous, do not delay get them TB tested and sent all the way to Shrewsbury, we even have a non TB tested section if you’d rather save the Vets fees! The first time our Store Cattle have averaged over £1000 with the entry containing mostly dairy breeds with a sprinkling of best sucklers at the top end and Jersey Steers at the other.

No less than 35 individual Buyers in attendance surrounding the ringside and up in the gallery…. I think we could of sold 1000!!!

19 Pens of Steers sold for £1300 or more to top at £1600 (590kg) for a ripping Limousin Steer from E Mills & Son.

Other suckerbred Limousins to £1540 (575kg) for KM Croft then it was the dairy bred Bullocks which lit up the ring, a record for x bred Hereford Steers at £1595 (645kg) from CSA Brassington, Roden £1565 (660kg) for a rangy Blue Steer from IT Manning & Partners, Wrexham, £1450 for an upstanding Limousin from SG Lee of Wolverhampton

Even Friesian Steers to £1390 (620kg) for James Davies of Frodesley…. Cracking Cattle from all and cracking prices. Charolais met premium demand from feeders and grazers peaking at £1345 (510kg) for Julian Thomas, Oswestry.

A large run of 51 100% grass fed Stabilisers & Angus from G Whitfield Newport few to £1315 (520kg) for Stabilisers and £1300 (470kg) for Angus.

A pair of Limousin Steers 16mo from JP Ratcliffe display real potential and growth as they broke the 300ppk for what we think is the first time in the history of Shrewsbury’s Store Section returning at 301ppk or £1130 (375kg).

Messrs Fernyhough & Fernyhough were close to the same accolade as there little plums of Limousins sold for 294pk (£970) over 30 pens of Cattle exceeded 251ppk.

Heifers were a rocking trade topped again by Herefords from CSA Brassington, fit for both jobs the pair achieved £1470 (600kg), a blue Heifer from Gary Orrells achieved £1370

Best sucklers on the day went to a well meated Limousin from the non-assured holding of R Brown hit £1350 (525kg).

Other suckler Lims to £1265 (500kg) for E Mills, Dairy Bred Limousins to £1340 (620kg) for James Davies of Frodesley. 30 lots over £1100 included Charolais at £1240 (510kg) Angus at £1230 (470kg) Stabilisers at £1165 (475kg) and Blues at £1105 (445kg).

Just feast your eyes of the per kilo returns for the Heifers today in the report Limouins to 295pk (£1135) for Fernyhough and Fernyhough. Simmentals to 255ppk (1005) for R & EM Lightfoot, Angus to 252pk (£1185) for R & EM Lightfoot whose Charolais Heifers achieved 249pk (£935). A superb 7/8 Limousin Bull topped the Bulls at £1550 (625kg) for KM Croft.

Today the Buyers wanted well backed Cattle to close in the shed and well frame growthy sorts to go out on the grass!! The highlights were also at the other end of the spectrum though as Jersey Bullocks sold for £425 (360kg)…. Buyers for all shapes and sizes in Shrewsbury!! Get them booked in for 2 weeks time!!

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