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Shipping Heavy Machinery, Plant & Trucks

Shipping Plant, Trucks & Heavy Machinery

What is the cheapest, most affordable and economical method of shipping plant, heavy machinery, equipment, generators and heavy trucks to ports in Africa?

We specialize in the exportation and shipping of plant, heavy machinery, construction, mining, agricultural, forestry and road building equipment

With 3 different methods of shipping your heavy equipment we will find the best quote, cheapest price and lowest quote to ship heavy machinery to ports in Africa

Heavy Machinery Ro Ro  Shipment

Shipping heavy equipment overseas can be done in a Roll on Roll off (RoRo) ship where the machines is secured to the ship’s deck using straps and braces. If a Ro Ro (Roll on Roll off) is available and the heavy machinery can be rolled onto the ship, then RoRo may be a good option

Heavy Machinery Flat Rack Shipment

If there is no RoRo service available to your destination or the equipment cannot fit into a standard container, then a fixed-end or a collapsible-end flat rack may be used.  “Out of Gauge” items (those items being greater than 8 feet in width) are often shipped on a flat rack and the items are charged by the cubic feet or cubic meters. Getting a flat rack to an international destination can be very expensive and sometimes not logistically possible.

Heavy Machinery Container Shipment

Shipping heavy equipment to Africa by container is a popular way to cut costs. If it is possible to partially dismantle the equipment, it can often be placed in a 40 foot or 40 HC container. This can be done by a professional export packing warehouse. While there is a cost to dismantle and reassemble the equipment, the savings of using this method can often be your best value. Another advantage is to consider the savings of import duty. It is often declared as waived for what is frequently declared as “parts” rather than a fully assembled piece of equipment.

Container shipping is often the most economical way to ship heavy equipment internationally. Contact us o find out more about shipping heavy equipment

If you have any questions, simply contact us through the contact form

If you already know what you are shipping, go ahead and fill out the Get A Quote Form and we will respond within one business day. Please provide the year, make and model of the heavy machinery and if possible the dimensions (L-W-H) and weight.

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