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Post Brexit Export Research & Due Diligence

We provide the professional input, research, reporting and advice to ensure that the investor is fully aware and that risks are kept to a minimum. We also provide full supervision, reporting and accountability during the implementation of any particular  investment project.

We advise on the procedures and processes for the profitable export, import, sales and distribution of products and goods including  supplier selection, sourcing trading partners, contract negotiation, favourable shipping terms, carrier and route selection, licensing, customs clearance, warehousing, sales and distribution, as well as any other area of concern for your company.

Advantages of Exporting To West African Markets

  • Market suitability. Some products might be more suited to certain overseas markets than others. This might perhaps best be illustrated in terms of luxury goods which the domestic market might not be able to afford but which might find a ready audience in more affluent locations.
  • Currency benefits. Changes in exchange rates can prove advantageous when selling to a customer against whose currency sterling is weak.
  • Protection against a downturn in the domestic market.
  • Protection in the event of world recession since it is unlikely that all countries will be equally effected.
  • Economies of scale from manufacturing in larger batches.

Disadvantages of Exporting To West African Markets

  • Sometimes higher costs of travelling abroad to obtain orders. High management fees, shipping charges, agent’s fees, etc., can sometimes increase the exporter’s prices to a level which makes goods and services uncompetitive in overseas markets.
  • Market unsuitability. Different cultures, customs and languages can all present problems to the exporter and can mean that a product and service suitable in the UK has virtually no market abroad.
  • Import rules and regulations vary between countries. Sometimes rules change rapidly and dramatically.
  • Shipping rules and regulations can prove complicated and represent a vast body of knowledge which the exporter will at least have to familiarise him or herself with.
  • Currency. That earlier advantage of a strong currency in exchange for a weak sterling might in alternative circumstances prove detrimental to the exporter.


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