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Glastir & Farm Connect Funding & Grants

Grants & Funds For Foresters & Farmers In Wales

With £66.79m now available to ensure priority sites and areas in Wales are managed successfully, Rural Affair’s Minister Lesley Griffiths has announced the Glastir Advanced, Commons and Organic contracts are being extended until the end of 2023. The funds are being made available to continue the conservation and enhancement of wildlife and biodiversity and contribution towards the decarbonation of Welsh agriculture.

Glastir is the Welsh Government’s sustainable land management scheme, through which financial support is offered to farmers and land managers. It is funded by the Welsh Government’s Rural Development Programme

Griffiths said: “I am very pleased to make £66.79m available through Glastir Advanced, Commons and Organic contracts until December 2023. The programme is crucial in supporting our farmers and this extension will help us further enhance our understanding of the impact of Glastir actions and interventions and contribute to the development of the future Sustainable Farming Scheme.”

The Minister also announced a further £7m to extend the Farming Connect programme through to March 2023 to encourage further crucial business support to thousands of farmers and foresters across Wales.

Funding For Marketing & Business Management In Wales

Gwyn Morgan of Morgan Training Services is an ex-farmer and training consultant who advises and plans training courses and strategies for the agricultural community and rural enterprises in Wales. He welcomes any funding that supports the sector in Wales but added a few concerns.

‘’ Financial support for environmental land management, the creation of woodlands and other conservation issues is not really tackling the very real problems that Welsh Farmers face. There is an old saying that if you ‘do what you’ve always done, and you’ll get what you’ve always got’.

He suggested a change of mindset and called on the Rural Affairs Minister to make more funding available to boost business and entrepreneurial skills within the sector.

‘’We produce the best lamb in the world, and I would like to see more support for initiatives like the Welsh Lamb Club which is ran by Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) which translates as Meat Promotion Wales. They are doing a great job promoting Welsh Lamb to chefs in high end London restaurants.’’

He sees a need to kickstart farmer driven marketing innovations that will improve the profitability and financial bottom line of sheep farms in Wales.

‘’We need to encourage farmers to take control of their own business. From online sales to families, butchers and restaurants to running farmers markets in major towns and cities, the list of possibilities is endless. They need to be able to embrace the modern marketing and management techniques that can drive efficiency and produce high quality and cost-effective products that consumers will buy.’’